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Self-employed professionals

Lawyers, doctors, architects, solicitors, chartered accountants, when it comes to managing their documents, self-employed professionals all have to deal with the same constraints. Although their daily preoccupation is to gain easy access to information and ensure their customers' files are complete, they also need to save time and reduce costs - so many challenges that can be met through digitisation.

Self-employed professionals have to deal with large volumes of documents every day, both in paper and electronic format. Often organized in small work groups, employees need to be able to pool, file and share these documents to avoid losing data and to be able to find the right information fast, and this in turn makes it easier for them to distribute these documents among their customers. Depending on the specific nature of their business and the documents they need to digitise (invoices, fiscal and social procedures, incoming mail, files, plans, forms, etc.) Spigraph experts help self-employed professionals choose the solutions best suited to their requirements.
In order to ensure the very best business follow-up service, self-employed professionals must be able to access complete and standardised customer files at all times. Spigraph helps them implement digital solutions to digitise customer files, paper documents and include documents in digital format. Also available: search functions to locate files and items within indexes and filing indexes or directly in the text of a document.