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Sales networks

Companies that are part of branch networks (temporary employment, real estate, telephony, insurance, franchises, etc.) must be profitable, offer quality customer services, be readily available and responsive. Distribution networks are under a great deal of pressure due to increasingly multi-channel customers, the rising attractiveness of Internet offers and tougher competition in terms of prices. On a daily basis, a sales outlet has to deal with a very wide range of documents: incoming mail, delivery slips, shipping bills, contracts, customer files, there's no getting away from paper.

With the digitisation of documents however, new productivity gains are materialising. Distribution networks are able to concentrate on high-added-value tasks and able to deal with rising activity. As such, the automation of business processes offers significant and immediate advantages: the automation and traceability of outflows, an increase in digital outflows (e-mail, publications and file sending), on-the-spot research and consultation of documents sent via EDM, and the total traceability of outgoing documents. In these branches, we are seeing more effective distribution channels, sales objectives being reached and a whole new form of sales network coordination.
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