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Disseminating knowledge at international level and furthering the conservation of documentary heritage are major cultural and political issues for public sector authorities worldwide.

High-speed Internet for the general public and many book scanning projects (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, BnF, etc.) have launched the digital era once and for all: proliferation of e-services, online searches for cultural information, digitisation of documents. The attendance rate for cultural institutions and remote viewing methods are constantly rising, which is resulting in problems in electronic document management and the wide-scale scanning of heritage collections. What's more, this need to capture cultural information also calls for high quality pictures to make sure every little detail is preserved and make works easily available for consultation on the Web.

Spigraph is providing libraries, museums, archives and specialised service providers with capture solutions (book scanners and software devoted to picture processing, indexing and quality control), the objective being to promote exchanges, process information to make sure it is shown in its best light and digitally preserve written heritage. We offer solutions on the cutting edge of innovation and value-added services to meet the requirements of the general public, specialised readers (genealogists, researchers, students, historians and scientists) and professionals devoted to electronic document archiving.