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Industry and transport

In the industry sector (production, transport, civil engineering, building trade, etc.) companies are increasingly resorting to digitisation. Within this ultra-competitive context in which productivity and responsiveness are absolutely essential, being able to control diverse and widely scattered information is a necessity.

Drawing up a production or construction plan is part of a multi-layered process (planning, organization, completion, use) and each stage implies the production and exchange of a great many documents in various formats: studies, processes, budgets, drawings. On a daily basis, industry players are obliged to process large quantities of information, including invoices, delivery slips, work monitoring forms, accounting records, etc. Document digitisation helps save space and accelerate the archiving process for instance; once scanned, the information is more easily accessible by the various departments, all of which gain in productivity and responsiveness.
Thanks to its comprehensive range of products and services, covering all stages of the capture chain, Spigraph sets up solutions devoted to optimising processes in the industrial sector. Spigraph recommends the scanners best suited to requirements and the type of documents to be scanned, as well as the related software, and ensures pre- and post-sale support to guarantee targeted, effective and long-lasting solutions.