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Digitisation is becoming the norm among small to medium-sized businesses. Like large companies, they are increasingly resorting to digitisation to enjoy the benefits of reduced costs, secure invoicing, less risks of non-compliance and a more modern image. The advantages of digitisation in small- to medium-sized businesses and industries are the same as those enjoyed by civil services and large groups.

Once the privilege of large companies, digitisation is now becoming the norm among SMEs: incoming mail, accounting, supplier invoices, wages, purchasing,etc. These are all documents dealt with on a daily basis by such companies. Convinced by the benefits to be had from digitisation solutions, small- to medium-sized businesses and industries had hitherto been discouraged by the investment such a project was thought to cost. But Spigraph has now brushed those fears aside, offering packs suited to the requirements of these businesses. Furthermore, Spigraph experts are able to recommend the solutions that are the most customisable and versatile among the myriad of publisher and constructor offerings, the objective being to limit implementation costs (configuration, installation, operational implementation, training, etc.)

Document digitisation now represents a definite source of effectiveness and economy for small- to medium-sized businesses and industries in the management of their incoming and outgoing documentary flows. In addition to productivity gains, they are expecting to enjoy optimized business processes and in particular faster processing and document search functions, regarding invoices, expense reports, contracts and customer letters, etc.