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Service providers

Many public services and companies externalise the digitisation of their documentary flows by entrusting the task to service providers or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies - a decision that may be due to the sheer volume of documents to be digitised, or because they don't have an available team to do so internally or because of their company policy.

The experts appointed to ensure such operations must be equipped with top-of-the-range scanners and software capable of dealing with the very latest technology. They must also be able to guarantee comprehensive support based on professional services. They can be asked to extract content from documents so the information can be used in their customer's systems, with stringent requirements in terms of productivity and digitisation quality.

In order to successfully provide such services, providers need finely tuned and well-equipped digitisation workshops.

On the digitisation market, the industrialisation of such processes necessitates constantly upgraded technological tools. To remain competitive, service providers need to set up high-added-value capture chains. Not only does Spigraph offer a wide range of production scanners, it also offers software solutions that are truly suited to the specific requirements of the service providers. The quality of Spigraph services (advice, training, help, after-sales services) and its wealth of solutions guarantee high levels of productivity, combining high-returns, reliability and security based on market standards.