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Key accounts

Over the past years, digitisation has been widely adopted by large companies in all sectors. It now covers a range of areas: the scanning of paper documents and information capture, the exchange of digital documents as well as the digitisation of business processes (workflows, archiving, etc).

Large public and private companies alike are now massively involved in digitisation projects that concern invoices, incoming mail, contracts, customer files, wage slips, job applications and also e-procedures for public organizations. Digitisation projects are resulting in savings at all levels: cuts in processing and printing costs, faster processes and enhanced traceability, not to mention the impact on the company's image.
Backed by a network of specialised partners, Spigraph supports large companies throughout all their digitisation projects, which often result in an overhaul of business processes and therefore necessitate the help of recognised experts. Thanks to its experience and knowledge of the digitisation market, Spigraph is able to recommend the solutions best suited to the company's specific requirements, according to its particular activity and processes.