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Health and Social sector

The modernisation of the health system aims to optimise the business processes of organisations within the sector (public and private hospitals, laboratories, etc.) and the French health authorities (CNAM/CNAV/CNAF, etc.). The aim is to industrialise health services to enable them to concentrate on the practices and care devoted to patients.

Identity cards, health insurance cards, prescriptions, medical claim forms, X-rays, MRIs, requests for laboratory tests and test results… Health professionals deal with a wide range of paper documents on a daily basis. Digitisation is therefore very much part of the modernisation process of the health system. The creation of electronic medical files (EMF) and electronic health files (EHF) will also contribute towards the automation of these processes.  
The digitisation of all these documents will enable doctors and administrators to access patients' files simultaneously with different levels of security.
The setting up of digitisation solutions will save time spent processing medical files and guarantee the traceability of patients' medical histories.