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Insurance and complementary health insurance companies

Digitisation projects undertaken by insurance and complementary health insurance companies mostly concern the capture and indexing of incoming documentary flows needed to create customer and claim files. Information that insurance company employees need to be able to collect, control and digitise in a short time span.

These companies have to deal with documents from many different sources and in many different formats. Putting together a claim file for instance means collecting documents such as text files, handwritten lists, expert appraisal reports, invoices, drawings, photographs of damaged and/or destroyed objects in various picture file formats. And only fast, top quality tools can enable them to process such a mass of documents.
Spigraph experts provide these companies with advice on the solutions best suited to meeting such issues. Combined with good quality scanners, driver, capture, image processing and indexing software facilitates internal access to information and accelerates the processing of customer files. This reduces deadlines and costs of file transmission which in turn contributes to improving customer satisfaction.