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Companies in the banking sector process a huge quantity of various documents on a daily basis. This is a very time-consuming process, often partly done manually, and the slightest interruption can result in a break in the workload and therefore a fall in productivity. Specially adapted digitisation solutions help meet the challenges inherent in this sector.

Every day in banks, account managers collect the various documents needed to put together the regulatory customer information files (CIF): ID, documentary proof, loan contracts, legal documents, etc., a volume that can represent several million documents a month at national level, to be processed centrally, locally, through connected or de-connected means.
Giving account managers desk-top scanners helps speed up the documentary proof collecting process, improves the quality of digitisation and therefore file legibility. By suggesting non-cumbersome equipment and software solutions that are easy to use, Spigraph helps them improve the quality of their service to customers, and reduce processing costs.