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Public sector

Public service organisations are constantly challenged with regard to their effectiveness and are therefore increasingly looking to automate their business processes. Digitisation is contributing to this trend by helping to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of services rendered to citizens, while saving considerable time.

Administrations and local authorities (ministries, town halls, general and regional councils, police headquarters, trade representative bodies, international organisations, etc.) are currently undergoing a digital transformation. Faced with the necessity of modernising their tools and processes to provide a better service and be more effective, public organisations are turning to digitisation. Within this scope, Spigraph is helping them choose and implement the digital solutions that will enable them to limit manual processing operations and related risks, reduce costs and processing deadlines and do away with the costs and risks related to transporting documents. The electronic archiving of scanned documents saves considerable space and enhances document security.

Spigraph is putting its experience and knowledge at the service of public sector organisations to help them take up the challenges they are currently faced with. Added advantage: the free flow of exchanges and simplified administrative processes.