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Invoice Automation for Small Businesses and Branch Offices

Automating the management of invoices and other financial documents is easy, quick and cost-effective with SpiData for Invoice. If you are processing a few dozen to a few hundred invoices per day or more, SpiData for Invoice offers a turnkey solution to help your company reduce costs, process invoices faster and provide better control and visibility of your entire process.

Invoice processing for SMEs
Users: SMEs and Branch Finance Departments from all industries, office personnel and finance professionals
Volume: A few dozen to several hundred invoices per day or more
Document type: Accounts Payable documents and attachments, including asset lists, purchase orders, delivery notes, and other financial documents
Infrastructure: Dedicated PC and scanner (office or production level)

From 11 500 € HT


  • Too many paper documents to manage can lead to misplaced invoices and late payments
  • Filing and retrieving invoices from file cabinets or storage areas costs time
  • Invoices go from desk to desk for approvals and payment – no visibility into where an invoice is at a given time
  • Suppliers calling for payment status may become frustrated if information isn’t immediately available
  • Traditional invoice automation software is too expensive for smaller businesses


  • Best-in-class portfolio of office scanners for batch scanning and digitizing invoices
  • Feature rich capture software includes invoice separation, multi-page document handling, automatic supplier identification 
  • Automatic extraction and consistency check of invoice data, such as invoice number, date, amount, VAT and currency
  • Integration and verification with knowledge repository
  • Data export to financial applications, workflow system, DMS, ERP and/or industry application


  • Quick and easy start – your invoice process can be automated in just a few days
  • Easy to train employees, simple to use
  • Low cost to deploy, rapid ROI – reduce invoice processing costs by 50% or more
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing manual handling of invoices
  • Save on storage and retrieval costs by digitizing financial administration
  • Better visibility across the entire process, including invoice registration, error and exception handling, approvals and payment
  • Improve cash management, leverage early payment discounts