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Multi-channel invoice automation solutions for enterprises

Capture high volumes of paper and electronic invoices and automate document processing with enterprise-class solutions for centralized or branch financial administration. Our flexible solutions integrate with nearly all ERP software platforms, including Oracle, SAP and many others. Information workers have immediate access to financial documents while working directly in their ERP system.

Invoice automation for Enterprises
Users: Central or Branch Office Financial Administration at Enterprise, Multinational and Public Sector Organizations
Volume: Unlimited - from hundreds of invoices per day to over 1 million
Document type: Financial administration and attachments, including invoices, asset lists, purchase orders, delivery notes, and other financial documents
Infrastructure: Enterprise-class capture software powered by Kofax and Spigraph, production or office scanners, PCs


  • Managing high volumes of incoming invoices in paper and electronic format
  • Too much manual handling of hard-copy invoices, resulting in lost or
    missing invoices
  • Manual process for data entry, error resolution and exception handling
  • Lack of visibility across invoice-to-pay process
  • Lack of integration with ERP systems


  • High-speed, robust scanning infrastructure for batch scanning of large invoice volumes
  • Distributed, browser-based scanning and mobile capture for ad-hoc documents sent from vendors or remote employees
  • Multi-channel capture for all document formats – hard-copy, electronic, web and mobile
  • Central management for all inbound administration, including robust tools for data recognition (OCR), document classification, data indexing, routing and exception handling
  • Built-in intelligence to “learn” document types 
  • Integrates with SAP, Oracle or other ERP systems
  • Powerful reports and dashboards with real-time analytics


  • Rapid and real return on investment  
  • Reduce invoice processing time from days to hours or minutes
  • Increase data quality, visibility and control throughout the entire process
  • Reduce costs by reducing manual invoice handling and eliminating physical document storage
  • Improve cash management
  • Complete oversight of entire process - robust reports provide single point of truth