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1 Day - AIIM Solution Selling Course: “How to Sell Capture Solutions”

The Solution Selling Course: How to Sell Capture Solutions provides insight and proven methodology from AIIM focused on solution sales techniques and best practices. The objective of this 1-day course is to help you grow your solution business by educating attendees in in how to identify opportunities, effectively present unique value propositions for your solutions portfolio and engage business leaders.

During this course, participants will learn the necessary skills to:

    1. Identify more opportunities for selling capture solutions

    2. Engage stakeholders and demonstrate business benefits

    3. Enhance your customer relationships

    4. Grow your solution business


The course will provide a thorough understanding of how to spot opportunities for selling Capture solutions in different markets. 

  • Horizontals: Finance (Accounts Payable, Procurement & Purchasing, Contract Management, etc); HR (Onboarding, Employee Separation, Policy and Procedures Administration, etc); Mailroom (Forms processing, Correspondence, etc).
  • Verticals: Banking (Lending, Audit/Compliance, Fraud Investigations, Card Services, Check Processing), Insurance, etc.
  • Problems: Paper based processes; digital landfills; or legacy solutions.


AIIM will educate participants in how to demonstrate the value of new solutions using AIIM market research and use cases. Your staff will learn how to spot an opportunity, engage the prospect, and demonstrate value.

  • Identify:  Use existing point of contact to identify line of business owners
  • Engage: Discuss industry research and relevant case study
  • Qualify: Get commitment about relevance and importance
  • Objections: Handle any objections: “Talk to IT”; “No budget”; “We got SharePoint”
  • Next Step: Secure a meeting for more detailed analysis and case study discussion.


89% of trained solution providers report that AIIM training made them more effective at identifying opportunities and engaging stakeholders. Sample feedback from previous course attendees:

  • One of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time. Useful and powerful information, critical to what we are trying to accomplish” – ECM Director
  •  “The combination of course content and dynamic presentation made this training one the best I have experienced” – National Enterprise Account Manager
  • Thanks again for one of the most engaging, enjoyable and quality training sessions I have ever been involved in” – Major Accounts, Government and Education
  • Outstanding – worth every minute of the time invested” – Solution Consultant



For information about the program or to inquire about registration for an upcoming course, please contact Jennifer van Lent, Vice President Marketing, jennifer.vanlent@spigraph.com