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Vialtis has set up a digitisation process in 8 countries

In order to comply with new European regulations imposing the digitisation of VAT returns, Vialtis has set up a complex circuit with its subsidiaries. Having done so, the company has saved time and improved visibility in processing its files.

A privileged partner of the IRU (International Road Transport Union), Vialtis processes VAT redemption files for its road haulage customers. It is a relatively complex process owing to the Group’s international activities. Invoices involving VAT redemption (e.g. fuel, toll and restaurant receipts) are sent by the customer to the local subsidiary. It checks them before transfer to the French head office which processes all files before sending to them to the appropriate European tax office.

Until 2010, the process was handled in paper format, with more than 500,000 invoices transiting by post between the eight countries. This system was lengthy and took up large storage space, as some invoices consisted of several pages, not to mention the risk of losing mail. It was in fact a regulation change that led Vialtis to go paperless: since 2010, European tax offices have required electronic format files. Vialtis called on Spigraph to steer this complex and ambitious project.